Cash Flow Finance

Do you want to grow your business, develop new products or invest in new equipment? Don’t let cash flow constraints hold you back.

Ironbark Group Australia Cash Flow Lending Specialists can help you to access the money you need to take your business to the next level. We will review your business situation in detail and help you to ascertain the best method for funding from a range of options, including:

Business Overdraft – Secured or Unsecured

An Overdraft Facility can be linked to your business transaction account and allows you the freedom to pay business expenses without the issue of overdrawing your account or having payments dishonoured (up to an approved limit). Typically interest is calculated daily and only on the outstanding balance or amount of funds utilised.

Debtor Finance

Debtor Finance allows you to unlock up to 85% of the value of your business’ unpaid invoices, usually without providing property security. Instead of taking on additional debt, you are effectively utilising today’s sale to fund tomorrow’s growth. General business terms range from 30 – 90 days.

Debtor Finance removes the barrier of delayed payment allowing you to access the cash almost immediately after the goods or services have been provided if required to provide a fresh and economical solution to improving business cash flow.

If you are spending more time chasing your customers for payment than you are chasing new customers, debtor finance could be just what you need to progress your business to the next level.

What is Debtor Finance?

Debtor finance provides you with access to up to 85% of the value of customer invoices and is secured against your accounts receivable ledger. These funds are made available to the business within 24 hours of invoice production. The remaining 15% (minus a small fee) is then released once the customer has paid the invoice in full.

Debtor finance is for business to business clients that rely on 30, 60 or 90 day payment terms.

Some of the industries best suited to the product include:

  • Labour Hire & Recruitment
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Wholesalers
  • Mechanical Services
  • Wet & Dry Hire Businesses

Finding the right debtor finance facility for your business will:

  • Improve cash flow fast – access up to 85% of what you are owed from customers within 24 hours as and when needed. Great for wages or additional supplies.
  • Save time and money – take advantage of an efficient and cost-effective accounts receivable service.
  • Reduce personal risk – real estate/personal property is generally not required as security.
  • Help you to further grow your business – as your sales increase so do your funding limits.

Like any lending product, different lenders offer different facilities and some are better than others, the key is knowing which lender will work for you. Our Debtor Finance Specialists will match you and your business with the right lender and debtor finance product at the right price.

Import/Export Trade Finance

Trade Finance facilities provide short-term funding for international import or export related transactions. The facility allows you to finance your international trade transactions for a period of time that matches your business cash flow cycle (until you receive funds from invoices raised). Terms are generally available for up to 180 days however this can be negotiated for longer periods for strong clients with a genuinely extended cash flow cycle.

Trade Finance is available in both AUD and most other major currencies and can be used to finance both import and export transactions. The interest rates are often comparable (or less) than a standard overdraft and you have flexibility as to which transactions you want to finance and for what term.

For businesses with a strong balance sheet position, Trade Finance facilities can often be secured with the business assets and directors’ guarantees, removing the need for property assets.

It’s also important to know that some lenders are more receptive to these arrangements than others and it’s critical you approach the right bank or lender from the very outset.

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